Create mind-body health and wellbeing

Psychotherapist and Life Coach

Barbara Abramowitz

Barbara, a licensed psychotherapist and certified body-mind coach, in private practice in Newton MA, assists clients with mood management, (including anxiety, depression, trauma symptoms) general stress, and life transition concerns.

Understanding is only a part of healing. Mental health challenges are a mind-body-spirit affair. Barbara integrates the principles of positive psychology, the latest findings in neuroscience, and practical mind and body techniques to help people achieve not just cognitive understanding but the release of emotional turmoil that lives in the body.

Her clients report increased ability to rapidly reduce stress, manage challenging moods and negative thinking, clarify priorities, make decisions, and boost resilience and personal energy.

High school student

“It’s helpful to get actual strategies rather than just venting.”


“With Barbara’s help, my career has taken flight and I’ve never been happier in my personal life “


“A life anchor”

corporate executive

“Helped me manage my ADD and depression “

Stress workshop attendee

"Absolutely fantastic, interesting and completely engaging; loved Barbara’s sense of humor”